July 16th, 2023

Written by: Chris Liberty (CEO)

Since 2018, 10’s of thousands of people from all different career backgrounds have used and experienced the benefits of what CBD OPS created but many don’t know exactly how it all started. It is a story that far too many people in the First Responder community are familiar with but like those who struggled in the past with anxiety, panic attacks, bad sleep, joint/muscle pain…this story has hope.

Chris’s Military Service & Down Fall

From 2009 to 2013, Chris Liberty served in the United States Navy. The first year he served honorably alongside the United States Marine Corps where he volunteered to work amongst some of the bravest men and women of the Corps. 2010 to 2013, Chris Liberty would get transferred to his first ship, the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). Chris Liberty got to see it all at this command. The world, war, humanitarian efforts, perspective. 

Before this time, Chris never understood death. Death was something old people did when they comfortably went to sleep at the ripe age of 85 plus. So he naively thought. War and the humanitarian efforts in Haiti, he was deployed to change all that. “It was like being thrown into the harsh reality that every story, book, and Disney movie lied to you. Death is not always peaceful. Most often it is long, drawn out and torturous. My recruiter told me I would get to travel the world. Never mentioned I would see things that my brain could never erase.”

The reality is, pain and suffering are the way many people operate daily all over the world. It is far too common for anyone's liking to realize it. That reality stuck with Chris Liberty. “I never thought deeply about it while I was going through it. It all hit me when I was honorably discharged and on my own. All my friends, my family frankly, were all still in and I was out with only a few people in my real life that were still around to talk to. That's when it all hit. That's when the anxiety hit. That's when the panic attacks hit harder. 

Battle On The Homefront

Chris Liberty faced a challenging battle with anxiety and panic attacks after his discharge in 2013. Initially experiencing panic attacks sporadically every three months, the frequency gradually escalated, causing him distress with attacks occurring weekly. Chris called on his brother, Michael, for help. He just needed someone to be there with. “Battling anything alone is the hardest thing anyone can do. Mikey answered the call for me without hesitation.” While his brother watched Chris struggling with his own battles, Michael found that he wasn’t so different when it came to the wars that played in his head.

In 2017, determined to pursue a meaningful career and challenge his personal limitations, Chris became a Police Officer. However, his anxiety and panic attacks (without rational explanation) persisted and grew increasingly debilitating, prompting him to seek medical assistance. With the advice of his brother, Chris turned to the Veterans Affairs doctor for help, hoping to find a solution that would not rely solely on prescription medications.

To his disappointment, the doctor prescribed Zoloft, a medication Chris was reluctant to embrace due to his observations of military friends grappling with prescription dependencies or continually switching between different medications. This experience further motivated him to seek alternative, holistic approaches to managing his anxiety and panic attacks.

Driving away from the Walgreens drug line, Chris returned home and immersed himself in extensive research on holistic remedies for anxiety and panic attacks. It was during this exploration that he first discovered CBD, a non-intoxicating compound derived from the cannabis plant. Intrigued by its potential benefits, Chris felt compelled to explore CBD further as a potential solution for his struggles.

Armed with newfound knowledge and a determination to find relief, Chris delved into the world of CBD. He discovered that CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, potentially offering calming and anxiety-reducing effects. Excited by the possibility of a natural remedy, Chris decided to try CBD for himself, hoping it would provide the relief he sought without the drawbacks of prescription medication.

“I Finally Felt Normal Again But There Was A Catch.”

After experiencing the transformative effects of CBD, Chris Liberty was astounded to feel a sense of normalcy for the first time in seven years. The anxiety that had plagued him seemed to melt away, leaving him feeling refreshed and renewed. Contrary to his expectations, he didn't feel high or have any negative reactions; instead, he felt like a brand-new person. “I saw who Chris was and I saw him after CBD…it was a night and day difference for the better.” Michael said.

However, Chris and Michael soon discovered a significant hurdle. In 2017, the CBD industry was largely unregulated, resembling the wild west with a lack of oversight, lab reports, and standardization. To this day in 2023, the CBD industry still acts in this manner. This posed a problem for Chris as a police officer subject to random urinalysis tests. He had no way of knowing the exact amount of residual THC present in his CBD bottle. Even minuscule traces of THC, measured in nanograms, could trigger a positive drug test result. Chris realized that if he didn't address this issue in the industry, his career could be over.

Motivated by this urgent need, Chris and Mike took matters into their own hands and founded CBD OPS. This venture was born out of necessity, driven by Chris's personal desire to ensure that there was no chance of failing a drug test while benefiting from the therapeutic effects of CBD. CBD OPS aimed to become the most regulated and trusted CBD brand in the market.

Determined to provide a solution for individuals like himself—those battling inflammation, anxiety, joint/muscle pain, sleeplessness, and who also needed to pass drug tests for their careers—CBD OPS became the go-to option for tens of thousands of people facing similar challenges. By prioritizing transparency, quality control, and rigorous testing, CBD OPS established itself as a trusted and reliable source of CBD products.

Chris Liberty's journey from a CBD user seeking relief to a CBD entrepreneur and advocate for industry regulation demonstrates his unwavering dedication. CBD OPS not only addressed his personal concerns but also became a lifeline for numerous individuals in similar situations, providing them with a reputable and reliable CBD solution. Through his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to ensuring the highest standards, Chris has made a lasting impact in the CBD industry and the lives of those who rely on CBD while balancing their professional responsibilities.

Conclusion Paragraph

Chris Liberty's journey from a Navy veteran battling anxiety and panic attacks to becoming the founder of CBD OPS is a testament to the power of personal perseverance and the quest for holistic wellness. After years of struggling and experiencing limited relief from traditional medications, Chris discovered the transformative effects of CBD, which not only alleviated his anxiety but also sparked a mission to revolutionize the industry. Faced with the challenge of ensuring CBD's safety for individuals subject to drug tests, he founded CBD OPS, a brand known for its strict regulation, transparency, and reliability. Today, CBD OPS serves as a beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking natural remedies while maintaining their careers. Chris's story underscores the potential for personal experiences to drive meaningful change and highlights the impact of holistic approaches in improving lives.

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