CBDOps founder and police officer hanging up his negative drug test after using CBDOps THC-free products.

Our brand is dedicated to active duty first responders.

CBDops co-founder Chris Liberty.

Chris Liberty



Chris Liberty completed 4 years of service in the United States Navy during which he was deployed 3 times (Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Unified Response, Operation New Dawn [Afghanistan]) and was awarded with 10 medals and ribbons.


After his military service, Mr. Liberty completed a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in business, graduating at the top of his class at Florida Atlantic University. He then enrolled in the Police Academy and began his career in law enforcement. Detective Chris Liberty continues to serve and excel in the Police Department thanks to his leadership, selflessness, and commitment to duty.

How CBD Transformed the Life of CBD OPS Co-Founder, Chris Liberty

Having served in 3 military deployments to Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan in the U.S. Navy, Chris Liberty returned to civilian life to pursue an education and career in law enforcement.
Like so many other military veterans, his service left him with crippling anxiety and frequent panic attacks.
VA doctors were unable to offer help. Chris found himself standing in line at a CVS pharmacy with a prescription in hand, facing the reality of living his life dependent on prescription meds.
He did not want to compromise. As a last resort, Chris decided to give CBD a try. He had been researching natural treatments for anxiety and other mental health issues caused by stress and trauma and had found promising information about Cannabidiol (CBD). 

Military workers finishing a job while reaping the benefits of their CBDOps products.
CBDOps founder Chris Liberty with his wife.

He initially brushed CBD aside because of his perceived connection between CBD products and THC, the illegal compound found in marijuana that creates a “high” in users. The police department Chris worked for had strict rules against THC, and officers were subject to random drug screens.
Chris did not want to jeopardize his law enforcement career, so he sourced CBD oil that he could have tested and certified to be 100% THC-Free and drug test safe. Immediately after taking the THC-free CBD oil, Chris got the relief from anxiety and panic attacks that he had been yearning for.
His friends and family watched in amazement as he completely transformed. Chris wanted to bring the same relief he experienced to as many other active duty first responders as possible, but the CBD industry had a major THC problem.

Most CBD products are created for people who want the high from THC, so CBD brands have found loopholes that allow them to include high levels of THC, even in states where marijuana is illegal.
And the CBD products that aren’t created to get users high can still have trace amounts of THC that will show up on a drug test.
CBD OPS created CBD products that are certified THC-free so that users will not fail a drug test. Not only do CBD OPS products not contain THC, they also don’t contain the pesticides, chemical residues, and heavy metals that contaminate many other CBD products.
If you want the highest quality CBD with zero THC and no harmful chemicals, CBD OPS is the premium brand that independently tests EVERY. SINGLE. BATCH. and certifies EVERY. SINGLE. BOTTLE.

Negative drug test result after an individual took CBDOps THC free product.

How We Track Success

When you take CBD OPS you’ll get relief, but you won’t fail a drug test.


We ensure THC-Free CBD as if our careers depended on it (because yours might).

Every small batch of our product is individually tested and certified by 5 of the most prestigious labs in the nation.

Feel Like Yourself…The 100% Version

Feel Like Yourself…The 100% Version

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