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How to view lab results for your CBD OPS product:

How to view lab results for your CBD OPS product:

SCAN QR code and enter your batch number

VIEW certified lab results

VERIFY your CBD is healthy, safe, and THC-Free

Take your CBD OPS without fear of failing a drug test.

CBDops product with QR code that can be scanned to look up lab results.

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CBD OPS was created by an active First Responder (Detective Chris Liberty) to help those who want THC-Free products and to find relief from debilitating stress and trauma without resorting to prescription meds or surgery.

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We ensure THC-Free CBD as if our careers depended on it (because yours might).

Every small batch of our product is individually tested and certified by 5 of the most prestigious labs in the nation.

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Chemical residues

Heavy metals

Lab tester that ensures that CBD is THC free.

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